Shelby Rodriguez is a NYC-based fashion reportage and street style photographer whose work is nuanced by her fascination with the industry and, more importantly, the people she shoots.

Her photography deconstructs the dichotomy of trending vs. individual style, ultimately blurring the line between the two by focusing not on what people wear, but why they wear it. For example, two people, depending on their background, psyche, social status, etc, might wear the same garment for vastly different reasons; Shelby is in-tuned to this subtext and finds it ironic at times. Specifically, she finds humor in the fleeting moments between the two: trends and individuality. She considers the person who has bastardized a trend to the point of it being individualistic, or another who has disavowed the trend so aggressively that they become the trend. In essence her work is a play-by-play time capsule of the imperfect progression of pop-culture colored by her appreciation for the outsiders who shake things up and move said culture along.